OpTaliX Version 10.60

2020-10-04 17:03:35

Changes to version 10.60:

· Distortion function DISY corrected when the field definition was set to YRI (real image height).

· The following analyses now also support field definitions in the X-direction:
    -- MTF vs. field,
    -- field aberrations,
    -- distortion,
    -- astigmatism,
    -- relative irradiation.

Previously, the fields were required to be defined along the Y-direction to create meaningful plots.

· Vignetting (relative irradiance, RIRR) now correctly takes transmission effects (POL Y) into account. Previously the normalization to the reference field was omitted for this condition.

· Illumination analysis: The number of rays used for plotting is now stable. Previously, plot rays could be "lost" under special conditions.

· OpTaliX version 10.60 will be the last version to support 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems simultaneously. All future editions of OpTaliX will support 64-bit systems only.

· Minor tweaks.