OpTaliX Version 10.25

2020-02-24 10:41:36

Changes to version 10.25:

· The reference manual is now opened in the application which is associated with this type of document (PDF). This way, the manual is opened in any PDF-viewer as defined by the file association of this extension (PDF). Previously, the Acrobat Reader was mandatory.

· The UDS/SPS editor was erroneously invoked when editing asphere coefficients of an anamorphotic surface. These coefficients can be edited in the surface editor and need not the extra dialog. This behaviour was merely annoying and did not affect data integrity.

· The following glass catalogues were updated: CDGM, NHG, HIKARI, NIKON, APEL

· Astgmatic focal shift (ASF): Generation of object rays improved.

· Ray generation on very wide angle systems (e.g. fisheye systems) improved in terms of accuracy and speed.

· Zemax import/export: Improved support of coordinate break surfaces, Q-type surfaces, square and elliptical apertures and aperture offsets.

· Minor tweaks.