OpTaliX Version 10.70

2021-03-03 09:31:13

Changes to version 10.70:

· The number of allowable sources for illumination analysis can now be changed by the MAXSRC command. Theoretically there is no upper limit (only limited by physical memory). Note: Without explicit specification of MAXSRC, the default number of allowable sources is 200.

· The number of plot rays in illumination analysis changed randomly. Now corrected.

· The wavelength used for illumination sources can now defined on the command line or in macros. Previously, only dialog based entry was possible.

· Updated glass catalogue: CDGM

· New glass catalogues: EP plastics from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, and OKP plastics from Osaka Gas Chemical.

· Updated glasses in special catalogue: IRG22, IRG24, IRG25, IRG26, IRG27, Zeonex350R, ZeonexF52R

· Import of Synopsis optical design files (*.rle)

· An inproper dispersion model of CDGM infrared materials was used. The index calculation is now correctly based on the Herzberger equation.

· When the field definition is changed in the configuration dialog, the numerical field values are now automatically converted according to the new field definition.

· When attaching an optical coating to a lens surface in the surface editor, the refractive indices of the coating substrate and the lens are now automatically checked if they are equal within a predefined index tolerance.

· The commands ADX, ADY (aperture decenters) and ARO (aperture rotation) are now recognized again. They were inadvertently deactivated.

· Minor tweaks.