OpTaliX Version 8.90

2015-01-04 00:55:35

New Features in version 8.90:

• Aspheric deformation can now be exported as a data grid with reference to any other surface, i.e. the surface data grid is given in global coordinates. See ASD2 command for details.

• Tolerance analysis now allows separate definition and display of compensator statistics. Now, the amounts and statistical distribution of compensator parameters adjustments can be displayed and analyzed independently of performance parameters. A new tab "Tolerance Compensators" was added.

• Updated OHARA glass catalogue. Many new glasses added: S-FPL55, S-FPM3, S-LAH88, S-LAH89, S-Lah92, S-NBH56, S-NBH57, S-NPH4, S-NPH5, S-BAL43, S-LAH90, S-LAH91

Bug Fixes in version 8.90:

• In zoom/multi-configuration systems, parameter strings containing blank characters are now recognized and supported. In particular, file names including blanks are now correctly handled.

• Import of coating designs from MacLeod files, in which layer thicknesses are defined by physical thickness (in nanometers), instead of optical thickness as is the default, could fail. The import routine has now been improved as to safely distinguish between optical or physical layer thicknesses in MacLeod coating files.

• In optimization, parsing of complex constraints, such as lens database items (LDI) combined with mathematical expressions, has been improved. Some glitches were eliminated.

• Minor tweaks