OpTaliX Version 8.74

2014-01-26 00:47:33

New Features in version 8.74:

• File saving options have been extended to "save" and "save as". Previously, saving a design always resulted in a "save as" dialog box. Quite often, this made saving designs tedious. "Save" immediately overwrites the file with the current design data, "save as" prompts for a new file name.

• The macro editor window can now be brought to the background. Previously, the macro window always stayed on top and could make other windows unaccessible, unless the macro window is moved to a different position on the screen.

• Added commands to retrieve parameters from illumination analysis:
RPWR : total received power,
EPWR : total emitted power,
NILR : number of successful rays in illumination ray trace.

Bug Fixes in version 8.74:

• The configuration dialog could "vanish" by an inadvertent click on the program's main window, if the configuration dialog was still opened. The program was then left in a non-operable state because the configuration dialog could no longer be closed.

• OpTaliX now runs under Win-XP again. Due to use of newer API functions, not present in earlier versions like Win-XP, the typical failure mode was "... not a valid Win32 application". The software has been successfully rebuilt and tested for Win-XP backwards compatibility.

• Minor tweaks