RayJackONE - Sequential Versus Non-Sequential Ray-Tracing

2021-05-28 09:27:46

The standard method for simulation of light propagation in optical systems is ray-tracing, which can be performed in two different modes: sequential and non-sequential.

In sequential ray-tracing, which is the basis of lens design programs, rays intersect objects in a strict predefined sequence. Conversely, non-sequential ray-tracing does not use a predefined intersection sequence and is ideally suited for physical modeling, including applications like illumination design and stray-light analysis.

Hembach Photonik provides both types of ray-tracers. For sequential raytracing, Hembach Photonik is an official distributor of the lens design software SYNOPSYS™ by Optical Systems Design LLC. Its powerful architecture makes it a cost effective solution for the full chain of the lens-design process. For non-sequential ray-tracing we can offer RayJack ONE® - the next generation tool for optical analysis, developed in-house by Hembach Photonik.