RayJackONE - Modeling of Light Scattering

2021-04-23 14:55:03

Stray light analysis has always been a core competence of Hembach Photonik and was one of the driving forces to develop our non-sequential raytracing software #RayJackONE.

The angular distribution of light diffusely reflected from a surface is characterized by its Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (#BRDF). RayJack ONE® is able to use measured BRDF data directly in simulations, without the need for fitting a scatter model, thus avoiding artifacts or even a corruption of data caused by the fitting algorithm.

The example shows a pseudo-color plot of the BRDF of #MagicBlack for varying angles of incidence. Magic Black is a high-performance black coating optimized for the visible spectrum made Acktar (ACM Coatings GmbH (subsidiary of Acktar Ltd.)