RayJackONE - Straylight Experts

2021-01-20 10:50:00

Stray light – unwanted light entering an optical system – can severely degrade the performance of optical instruments. The goal of stray light analysis is to predict the stray light level based on computer simulations, to identify the underlying mechanisms and to elaborate and validate measures for stray light mitigation.

Hembach Photonik is a leading expert for stray light analysis in Europe with customers in medical, automotive and space industries. Regarding the latter, Hembach Photonik has participated in the preparation of numerous space missions, including Meteosat Third Generation, the #Copernicus Sentinel 3, 4, and 5 missions, METimage, and JUICE. Our stray light analyses cover the whole spectral range from UV to long-wavelength infrared and comprise star trackers, telescopes, spectrometers, #LIDAR/altimeters and laser communication terminals.

So far, we have mostly used ASAP for stray light analysis, but we are gradually switching to our proprietary software #RayJackONE.