OpTaliX® Software for Optical Design, Thin-Films and Illumination


OpTaliX is a comprehensive program for computer aided design of optical systems, thin film multilayer coatings and illumination systems. OpTaliX provides powerful features to conceptualize, design, optimize, analyze, tolerance and document virtually any optical system.

OpTaliX includes geometrical and diffraction analysis, optimization, thin film multilayer analysis and refinement, non-sequential ray trace, physical optics propagation, polarization analysis, ghost imaging, tolerance analysis, extensive manufacturing support, user defined graphics, illumination, macros, and many more.

OpTaliX is successfully used for the design of photographic and video lenses, industrial optics (beam expander, laser scanners, reproduction, machine vision), space optics, zoom optics, medical optics, illumination devices, fiber optical telecom systems, infrared optics, X-ray optics, telescopes, eyepieces, and many more.

OpTaliX is tested and certified for Win-XP, Win-7, Win-Vista, Win-8, Win-10, for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

OpTaliX is available in three editions, called OpTaliX-Pro, OpTaliX-Edu and OpTaliX-LT.

Support of multiple processors in 32-bit and 64-bit editions from versions 8.xx onwards:

Key Features of OpTaliX-PRO/EDU

● Sequential and non-sequential ray tracing
● Zoom and multi-configuration systems
● Thin-film multilayer analysis and refinement
● Advanced optimization algorithms with exact constraints handling
● Polarization Analysis
● Illumination Analysis
● Tolerance analysis (Tolerance on anything)
● Full geometrical and diffraction analysis
● Macro language with variables, loops, conditional constructs, user-defined functions, etc.
● Environmental analysis
● Wide range of surface types such as aspheres, spline, holograms, free-form surfaces, Zernike, user-defined surfaces and GRIN's, etc.
● Interferogram analysis
● User-defined graphics
● Manufacturing Support
● Slider control
● ISO-10110 element drawings
● More than 500 example designs
● Complete glass catalogs (1600+ glasses) plus lens catalogs (8000+ lenses) from all major vendors