OpTaliX Version 8.40

2012-09-17 23:57:07

New Features (all versions 7.90 and 8.40):

• In coating transmission/reflection plots, improved interpolation of curves in case of sparse wavelength sampling.

• When attaching coatings to optical surfaces, an option to specify the orientation of the coating on the surface has been added. This allows a better control especially on cemented interfaces.

• The exit mode of OpTaliX has been changed. Closing the program normally invoked a conformation dialog box. Exiting the program, either by clicking on the (X) button or selecting the File|Exit menu option, now immediately closes the program. This change was motivated by allowing other processes (e.g. update installer) to close and restart a running application without waiting for user interaction.

• A new mode of calculating glass dispersion offsets (DVO) was added. In addition to the standard mode based on the Abbe normal dispersion, now a second mode is available that maintains anomalous dispersion characteristics of special glasses. The mode can be defined by the DVOM command, or in the configuration dialog, ''general'' tab.

Bug Fixes (all versions 7.90 and 8.40):

• Single ray transmission analysis: Reference wavelength was always used (instead of user defined wavelength) which lead to incorrect results.

• A potential program termination has been eliminated. While this issue has been observed only under certain conditions in the 7.x versions and with 32-bit operating systems, it had the potential to occur with any Windows operating system version.

• A potential crash has been eliminated in all contour plots where the plot extension or the range of data was near to zero.

• Optimization constraints using user defined functions were incorrectly parsed under special conditions.

• Illumination analysis: The total received power was incorret under special conditions, e.g. in systems with non-sequential environments.

• Definition of private glasses within the PRV/END environment using only one wavelength lead to a crash of the program.

• Minor tweaks