OpTaliX Version 8.38

2012-07-01 23:50:48

New Features (all versions 7.88 and 8.38):

• Automatic athermal glass selection option added. This feature searches for glass combinations to attain both achromatic and athermal correction in the paraxial domain. Found in Glass Manager menue.

• The mouse wheel, where available, is now supported for zooming in/out in any graphics window. This function works in addition to the normal zoom function by dragging a subsection of the window graphics area, i.e. by moving the mouse with the left mouse button held down.

• The autofocus option (AF) now allows automatic focus adjustments using globally referenced distances (THR command), in addition to normal sequential distances (THI command).

• Improved support of constructing 2-point holograms. The parameters HV1, HV2 have been added to unambigously define the direction of the constructing wavefronts.

Bug Fixes (all versions 7.88 and 8.38):

• Update problems in fiber coupling (CEF) dialogs and multi-mode dialogs (MMF) corrected.

• In multi-mode fiber (MMF) calculations, an option for selecting the wavelength number has been added. This resolves inconsitencies with coupling efficiency (CEF) analyses.

• Power calculation in illumination analysis corrected. Previously a source total power other than 1.0 resulted in incorrect received power.

• Transmission analysis in non-sequential environments corrected. Incorrect assignemts of bulk absorptions lead to inconsistent results.

• Calculation of bulk absoption of special materials in transmission analyses now corrected. Previously material properties of special materials were not reliably identified.

• In aspheric deviation plots (ASD2D command), the RMS and PV values expressed in waves were incorrect.

• Command line editing of zoomed parameters corrected. Previously, zoomed or multi-configuration parameters were not identified which prevented parameter change from the command line.

• Parse error on "sin" function corrected.

• Minor tweaks