OpTaliX Version 10.1

2019-12-11 16:12:19

Changes to version 10.1:

· New commands available: PSDX and PSDY calculate the PSF-diameter in X- or Y-direction at a defined intensity level. PSE calculates the ellipticity from the PSDX/PSDY ratio.

· Creation of private (melt) glasses caused the program to crash under Win-10 operating systems only, older Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7) are not affected.

· The following window handling problems specific to the LT-version have been eliminated:
- Field aberration and astigmatism plots are now updated on window resize.
- The menue items "Seidel aberration plot" and "Seidel aberration numerical output" activated.

· Export to Code V: Aperture offsets ADX, ADY, ARO and Q-Type surfaces (QBF, QCON) are now converted.

· Beam Propagation: Numerical stability of field amplitude calculation significantly improved.

· DLF tolerance on aspheric surfaces calcuated incorrect functions. Now corrected.

· Minor tweaks.