OpTaliX Version 9.85

2019-03-10 01:21:09

New Features in version 9.85:

• The KEFS, KEFT (knife edge function) and ECE (encircled energy) options now accept the zoom specifier (e.g. z2) in the command line. Previously, zoom position 1 was always used.

• Refractive index model of Nitrogen added.

• SCHOTT and OHARA glass catalogues updated.

• The Gaussian source model in illumination was truncated at 13.5% intensity (1/e2). Now, truncation has been set at 0.19%, which gives a more realistic representation.

• Design Example Library: Array examples improved.

Bug Fixes in version 9.85:

• Surface Editor: Pasting (copying) multiple data (columns, grids) from the clipboard or editing drop-down menues resulted in unnecessary long delays and the surface editor was temporarily not usable.

• The solve on edge thickness did not work if X-type surfaces (coordinate transforms) were involved.

• User defined DLL's are no longer overwritten during upgrade installation.

• Minor tweaks.