OpTaliX Version 9.75

2018-11-11 01:19:12

New Features in version 9.75:

• Update of HOYA glass catalogue.

• A new analysis graph has been added: Plots the RMS spot diameter vs. wavelength. This graph complements the RMS spot vs. field plot.

• Through-Focus MTF is now calculated, even if the image surface is globally referenced to a previous surface. Normally, this fixes the position of the image surface and prevents any variation of the Z-position. Now, the program detects this condition and moves the global reference temporarily for this calculation.

Bug Fixes in version 9.75:

• User-defined surfaces (UDG type) were not correctly rendered in the X/Z lens layout plot. Note: This only affected the X/Z plots, the Y/Z plots are correct.

• The MTF results were inaccurate in the order of a few percent, depending on the optical system parameter. This was due to synchronization problems of parallel processor threads.

• Through-Focus MTF was partially incorrect. The full wavelength spectrum was not always correctly taken into account. Monochromatic results were returned instead of polychromatic calculations.

• Minor tweaks