OpTaliX Version 9.70

2018-09-16 01:17:32

New Features in version 9.70:

• Updated reference manual: Added instruction of creating user defined DLL's using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and higher.

• Fitting Zernike coefficients to the system wavefront now also allows selection of the zoom position. Previously, the zoom position was undefined in this fitting process.

• DLLs containing the code for user defined surfaces and user defined GRIN profiles (usersur, usergrn) are now located in the "Program Data" directory. Previously, these DLLs were located in the "Program Files" directory, which required administrator rights. Now, normal user rights are sufficient.

• New commands: KEFS and KEFT calculate the width of the "Knife Edge Function (KEF)" in sagittal direction (KEFS) and in tangential direction (KEFT) on the basis of low (KEFL) and high (KEFH) intensity levels.

Bug Fixes in version 9.70:

• Non-sequential raytrace: An accuracy problem could occur if the physical separation of two non-sequential surfaces is less than 1E-10 mm. I such cases, the correct intersection point was not always found.

• Minor tweaks