OpTaliX Version 9.60

2018-03-18 01:15:19

New Features in version 9.60:

• OPD (optical path difference) aberrations can now be referenced to the current wavelength or to the reference wavelength. This is a subtle distinction that may be important in some crucial applications. A switch in the preference settings now allows global setting wether to refer the physical optical path to the reference wavelength or the currently used wavelength.

• Asphericon lens catalogue updated.

Bug Fixes in version 9.60:

• The RPWR command (received power) in illumination analysis did not clear previous results. Consecutive runs of this command created different results.

• Fan aberration curves were not plotted under special conditions, for example in systems where only one field but many zoom positions were defined.

• Problems with the programming interface to DLL's (dynamic link libraries) have been fixed. Previously, DLL's describing user-defined surfaces and user-defined GRIN's were not correctly recognized.

• Parallel execution of computing intensive calculations improved. In this 9.60 release, special emphasis was put on acceleration of illumination calculations.

• Minor tweaks