OpTaliX Version 9.30

2017-05-28 01:09:45

New Features in version 9.30:

• Exporting systems to the POV (Persistence of Vision) renderer now enables options to plot rays and quarter-cuts through lenses, which helps to improve visual perception of the layout.

Bug Fixes in version 9.30:

• Macro sequences that included restoring (loading) of design files failed, because loading a new file initialized macro variables that were needed for correct operation of the macro itself.

• Exporting systems to Code V incorrectly translated glass names from the obsolete catalogue.

• This is somewhere between a new feature and a bug correction: Import of Code V zoom systems now accepts up to 100 zoom positions (compared to 30 previously).

• Import of Code V files now recognizes diffractive surface parameters (hologram or grating surfaces)

• Import of Code V files containing lens modules (MOD) corrected.

• Inverting a system (or parts of it) did not invert tilt modes as well.

• The ECE, EQE commands did not recognize the field qualifier correctly.

• Minor tweaks