OpTaliX Version 9.20

2016-12-28 01:07:31

New Features in version 9.20:

• The command MAXAOE was added to complement the MAXAOI command. MAXAOI calculates the maximum angles of rays incident on a surface, MAXAOE calculates the maximum angles of rays exiting a surface.

Bug Fixes in version 9.20:

• Requests to the database items CX, CY, CZ in optimization or in macro function calls did not return reliable results. This problem only occurred when coordinates at the image surface were specified. Similar queries at other surfaces were not affected.

• In the examples library, glasses used in some designs have become obsolete over the years. So, the old glasses have been replaced by similar (best fit) glasses that retain the original correction status as good as possible.

• Third order analysis (THO command) did not return valid Seidel coefficients when field angles instead of object heights are specified at finite object distance.

• The BFL command could crash the program if the object distance is zero.

• The plot index vs. coating layer showed the file name of the optical system in use, instead of the selected coating file.

• Ghost analysis corrected when the ghost intensity is analyzed at a surface other than the image surface.

• Decentrations were not correctly considered at QCON and QBSF aspheres.

• Statistical tolerance analysis crashed when the "back focus" compenstor was enabled. Other compensator types (e.g. "optimization") worked without problems.

• Minor tweaks