OpTaliX Version 9.05

2016-04-24 01:01:00

New Features in version 9.05:

• Updated coating materials library with complex index data for copper, MIRA and NiCr. These materials are often used in high reflective mirror coatings.

• Added new functions to command line and macros: RAND: Random number generator, RAND SEED: Set seed for random number generator.

• In systems exhibiting strong pupil distortion, where the entrance pupil size varies significantly with field angle (for example in extreme wide-angle lenses,) calculation of the true entrance pupil has been improved. This ensures that the ray beams always fill the real pupil correctly.

• A graphical representation of third order (Seidel) aberrations has been added. The aberration coefficients are shown as vertical bars.

• Distortion Grid: Export of 2-dimensional distortion data is now possible to Excel and ASCII files.

Bug Fixes in version 9.05:

• The tolerance parameters DLA,DLB,DLC were incorrectly retrieved from older design files that were generated prior to version 8.00.

• ISO element drawing parameters were not always saved as expected.

• Minor tweaks