OpTaliX Version 8.96

2015-08-14 00:58:55

New Features in version 8.96:

• OpTaliX has been successfully tested under Windows 10.

• Non-symmetrical distortion in decentered and off-axis systems is now calculated by differential raytracing. The program automatically detects non-symmetrical systems. No special user interaction is required.

• Glass catalogues from NIKON and HIKARI updated. The prefix to glass names has changed. For example, Hikari glass H-E-FK5 is now accessible under J-FK5. Note that the HIKARI and NIKON glass catalogues are identical.

• Added Corning fused silica types HPFS7979, HPFS7980, HPFS8655 to special glass/material catalogue.

• Improved support of illumination commands in macros. Previously, illumination distribution results had to be exported by hand and could not be automated in macros.

• Zernike coefficients fitted to wavefront deformation are now accessible in macros and commands. See commands WZRN and WZACT.

Bug Fixes in version 8.96:

• The melt (private) glass catalogue got corrupted if glass names more than 14 characters were used. Now, glass names up to 64 characters are allowed also for private (melt) glasses.

• Minor tweaks