OpTaliX Version 8.82

2014-07-20 00:53:53

New Features in version 8.82:

• In ISO element drawings, two alternative glasses/materials per lens can now be specified.

• Strehl ratio analysis now also supports zoom/multiconfiguration positions. Applies for Strehl vs. field and Strehl vs. wavelength analyses.

• Illumination analysis: Spatial and angular FWHM (full width half maximum) values are displayed along with intensity distribution plots.

• Added new Schott glass N-FK58. Note that Schott has not yet published dndT data.

• Schott glasses N-SF57HTultra and N-SF6HTultra corrected in glass database.

Bug Fixes in version 8.82:

• The prescription listing (LIS command) now reports coefficients of XYP aspheres correctly. The coefficients listing of this asphere type was inadvertently omitted in previous versions.

• The length of variables and format definitions is now extended to 128 characters, which conforms to the description/specification in the manual. Previously, variables and formats were limited to 60 characters. This modification both affects macros and command lines.

• Minor tweaks