OpTaliX Version 8.78

2014-03-02 00:49:25

New Features in version 8.78:

• Import of Zemax files now supports surfaces with extended asphere coefficients. The maximum number of coefficients is 16. On import, the coefficients are automatically converted to the ODD30 asphere type.

• Added material Zeonex K26R

• Number of allowable tolerance function increased to 8. Previously, only 5 tolerance functions were supported.

Bug Fixes in version 8.78:

• Starting illumination analysis (ILL), including the commands RPWR, EPWR and NILR, from the command line did not work reliably. This effect was not observed when illumination analysis was started from the menu/dialog.

• Macros: String variables are now reliably recognized, irrespectively whether they are enclosed in quotes or apostrophes (" or '). This effect was primarily recognized when concatenating strings.

• Macros: Now, an unlimited number of strings can be concatenated. Previously, only two strings could be concatenated within a single command.

• Tolerances: Restoring a sample tolerance file causes the program to crash if tolerance data from a previous tolerance run were unavailable, respectively the statistical tolerance file (tol_stat.txt) did not exist in the specific project directory.

• Changes in the tolerance editor were not immediately accepted. Previously closing of the the tolerance editor window was required in order to make changes effective.

• Minor tweaks